Daily blog #13

Jiu Jitsu: Medicine for the soul

Do you remember being a kid playing with your siblings? Or maybe you were an only child so it was with your parents? Perhaps you didn’t have parents but you sought connection, attention and love from someone close to you. Many will never experience the joy that comes from Jiu Jitsu as a family activity that can be practiced and shared across generations. Jiu Jitsu is most often associated with MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) or the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) also known as “Cage Fighting”. Unfortunately this couldn’t be farther from what Jiu Jitsu actually is and in fact deters many of those who stand to benefit the most from Jiu Jitsu. Putting on the gi or kimono (your uniform) and engaging in an art form with your family that is intellectually stimulating, will get you in great shape and is highly effective for self defense can be one of most fun and meaningful things you will experience. It is called the gentle art because in what other Martial Art or sport can you train with your 67 year old parents and have not only have an awesome workout but a great time. Finding a home for your family to train Jiu Jitsu will be one of the greatest investments you have ever made, allowing you to share, sweat, laugh and play as we were meant to. Do you not agree that some of the happiest moments of life are spent playing together, hugging each other and expressing our true selves while being completely present in the moment? If you agree, the best moments of your life are a Jiu Jitsu lesson away. Many have never felt happier and closer together.

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