Daily blog #12


We are all born with a parasite inside us that we will never get rid of. It will always attempt to grow and feed off of us, until it destroys us from within. This creature has led to the demise of countless lives, cities and civilizations. It dwells inside each of us, growing stronger until we are no longer able to fight it. If addressed however, we can go on to live full and complete lives. We start by acknowledging that the fight will never end but once we recognize its presence we can then go about about arming our “immune system”. The next step is the search for what is good for our health and what is good for the health of this parasite called Ego. What we will find is that there is nothing Ego hates more than the painful process of growth and learning. This will require us to place ourselves in the vulnerable state of being a beginner who is eager to learn and apply knowledge. In Jiu Jitsu we refer to this as “the white belt mentality” where there is no attachment to failure or success but rather curiosity and humility. Applying a healthy blow to Ego daily will create an unsuitable environment, causing it to suffocate and limit its growth while allowing you to grow and prosper.

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