What is Porrada?

For starters, the pronunciation is nothing like it appears. It’s a Portuguese word pronounced “Poh-ha-da” NOT “po-rah-da”. Porrada is a Brazilian word that means brawl or fight hard. Although it is unclear to me exactly where the word originated it is a big part of Brazilian culture. It represents effort, fighting spirit and toughness. If someone was describing your effort and they used that word it would most often be a compliment, especially within the Jiu Jitsu community.

Fighting spirit and toughness represent the essence of human life. In the natural world, fighting occurs every second of every day. We all fight every single day. We have to fight to make good decisions, be good to others and provide for our families. Ask yourself, is it easier to be strong or to be weak, is it easier to do good or wrong? Being a good fighter, a soldier, a hunter, a warrior was something to be admonished and respected in your tribe. Fighting is something that should be respected and embraced. We all know strong people who fight with us and for us (they are usually not politicians).There is a legendary Jiu Jitsu fighter, Romulo Barral, who has created a brand “Everyday Porrada” based on the concept of daily battle. 

Porrada is something we must embrace in all of our lives, for our sake and our loved ones (or possessions for some). Many of us know that running away from our battles just creates another for ourself later. Sometimes more than one! Eventually you will have to fight whether it’s with the junk food sitting in front of you right now or 100 lbs later when the pain of staying the same is finally greater than the pain of change. Strong people who fight hard for what they believe in and what is right are those who move the world. Your goal of losing weight could be something which inspires thousands or millions of people later on, but you will have to fight and fight hard. Happy Porrada!

“You must be the change you wish to see” -Ghandi

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