#184 Jiu Jitsu’s ultimate secret…

Those of us who have been on this earth long enough, know that life itself is full of stress. For some, unimaginably so. Having to oblige with everyday niceties while suppressing the fear of losing their job, their home, etc can bring many strong people to the edge. If only there was a button you could press and wash it all away.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy, but what if I told you there was a door that upon opening it, would take away all your current dilemmas and problems that exist and into a place of immediate clarity of thought, focus and happiness without the use of any drug?

It would sound too good to be true yet this door exists at the front of nearly every Jiu Jitsu academy for those courageous enough to continue to walk through the doors day after day. The first barrier however, is the door of your own home where one must overcome the softened mind and body preventing them from arriving at their Jiu Jitsu school’s front doors.

At our academy we place no expectation upon any of our students, knowing full and well the harsh realities of life. Rather we applaud and admire them for consistently showing up no matter how much life tries to get in the way. And boy does it try! Some students take years off before returning due to personal struggles.

While some of us are more pessimistic than others and vice versa, one of the most astonishing things about Jiu Jitsu is it’s ability to produce a good mood and a balanced temperament. It’s no surprise that this art has grown wildly popular amongst not just fighters but celebrities, business men, CEO’s and even your daily housewife.

Sometimes we can all admit our urge to choke a mother******… and whether or not we actually carry it out, the feeling exists, unless we bury it down so deep that we can pretend it’s no longer there. Maybe it’s the way someone treated you at work, relationship troubles, etc. Like most problems however, hiding them is no answer at all.

What many of them don’t know is the effects of a situation where you have to defend yourself from being choked or having your arm snapped while trying to do the same thing to your partner. After a match, both partners, smile, thank each other, shake hands, pass on the occasional compliment before getting water or finding a new partner in a manner that your average spectator would describe as completely and utterly psychotic considering what was just witnessed.

This is something understood by those who have felt the ability of Jiu Jitsu to reel one into complete presence and focus. It takes “getting out of your head” to a whole new level. Of course not all days do you walk out of class with a beaming smile, yet even on the difficult days where you were smashed by everyone does it have a way of relieving stress and releasing pent up energy that only a drug could.

For those of us well within the community who have firsthand experience with our drug of choice, who wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, our duty is to expose as many people as possible to this journey. We have all heard countless stories of troubled people who’s lives have been saved by Jiu Jitsu, but also the calming effects only routine sparring and practice with friends and family. I myself found plenty of mischievous activities as a young teen and felt the need to prove myself until Martial Arts showed many of my bad behaviors the door. It’s important to know that I’m not special, if it was able to put me on a good path why not you?

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