#174 You never know

It’s 6:25AM in the Atlanta airport as I stand in a never ending line to go through the TSA checkpoint before boarding my flight to LAX where I’ll drive the two hours back to my home in the Coachella Valley.

My flight just began boarding and at the rate this line is moving, I’m starting to worry I’ll miss my flight.

I stop thinking about myself for a second and start scanning the faces of people around who could be in the same situation or much worse, which reminds me of the fact that you can never know what someone else is going through.

As a Martial Arts academy it is routine for an instructor to award students push ups for tardiness. One day I did and then asked the student why he was late. He had come from his aunt’s funeral… Imagine the remorse you would feel being the person to dole out punishment.

This Monday, with Thanksgiving around the corner, let’s exercise kindness and understanding for others. You never know how far it will go.

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