#128 Smile.

Have you ever noticed that the strong have little to hide?

What I mean by that is they lack the need to show “how tough they are” because they are.

In fact, they can often display quite the opposite with beaming smiles, goofiness and silly behavior.

Some of the most dangerous people we know are this way. An example that many Jiu Jitsu students and competitors can relate to is the “tough looking” guy at BJJ tournaments covered in tattoos with his head shaved, walking around glaring at the other competitors, smacking his face and jumping around only to get decimated in the first match by some little jiu jitsu nerd.

That is not to say that there aren’t tough guys out there covered in tattoos with shaved heads.. There probably are. But looks can be deceiving, often times the Navy Seal in the bar with you might look and act like a homeless person when he is really just comfortable with himself and has nothing to prove.

So smile, because if you are strong, you don’t need to show anyone. Real recognize real. And the world needs more smiles!

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