#117 It’s not ok to be weak…

In Sam Sheridan’s book “A Fighter’s Heart” he witnesses the scene of a dog fighting ring in Brazil, Thailand and the Philippines – something that would be quite a shock to your average yuppie from the suburbs here in the United States. In western cultures, dog fighting is viewed as an inhumane act whereas countries who lack the “man’s best friend” ideology, view them in a much more animalistic manner. In any case, the parallel that Sam makes is that dogs who are bred for fighting, just like fighters, are motivated by a thirst for blood that escapes most.

It’s easy to see the need for compassion in the world but we mustn’t confuse kindness with weakness, we must also accept the need for strong men who are capable of violent acts. There is an idea being propagated where weakness is acceptable or even superior in instances to being a strong toxic man. This thought runs completely contrary to what is seen in nature or history. While it’s nice to envision a utopia where everyone is courteous and fair, organizations such as ISIS and Antifa still exist. Just like dogs, some cultures only respect violence and strength. There isn’t a single scenario in the animal kingdom where it is an advantage to be weak. So ask yourself this: What happens when the strong and powerful people your country are gone? Who will stop the soldiers from another country from crossing your border, seizing your capitol, slaying your countrymen and laying waste to your women and children? The answer is nothing, that is why it is every man’s duty to become as strong and powerful as they possibly can. This is why Martial Arts is so beneficial for a child, to develop a strong and dangerous human who is governed by a set of values and principles (bushido).

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