We have arrived! #100

It’s hard to believe that 114 posts ago I was afraid of clicking “Publish” on my very first blog. I can vividly remember what seemed like a monumental decision to go live with the post. Funny how we are when it comes to our initial leap of faith. Most of us can empathize with how hard it is to do something for the first time. Being at a gym daily, I am surrounded by people who do bring themselves to take that step and it is always inspiring.

Ju-Jutsu training in the 1920’s

Now that I’ve gotten my feet wet, my new goal is to reach 1,000 daily posts so if you have received any benefit, I encourage you to let me know what it is and if you are comfortable telling me, what you would like to see more of, or less of. I value your feedback greatly nonetheless. Those of you who have already done this you have my sincerest thanks, not only is it much appreciated but necessary for the evolution of this page that I hope in time will reach far and wide to communicate the need for communities to embrace the necessity of Martial Arts as a foundation for physical, mental and emotional development of our youth.

La Sierra High School PE program during the leadership of John F. Kennedy

My inspiration for this task comes from the late Jigoro Kano (founder of Judo) who viewed the art in such a particular way it eventually made its way into the Japanese education system. Interestingly John F. Kennedy shared a similar vision of the effects of a well executed PE (physical education) curriculum that was seen in the sixties and seventies with the shared goal of developing stronger minds and bodies. What Martial Arts and Jiu Jitsu in offer beyond physical training is a level of confidence that only comes from one’s ability to defend themselves. Here is a neat video of what Judo is at its core and as a whole. Thank you again for taking the time to read this, for your feedback and support. Looking forward to the next 900 posts! Oss!

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