Daily blog #76

Ever so often we are faced with the reality of fear. In our kids BJJ class it might be their very first lesson which has them bawling their eyes out before they even step on the mat. Understandably going into a brand new environment at that age with over a dozen new faces, many of whom might be bigger than you, coupled with an instructor who you don’t know and the uncertainty that comes with trying something new, one would be frightened. Reasonably so. But if they can make it through the first couple lessons (usually) something beautiful happens. The once scared kid begins to develop trust with his or her cohorts and learns how to gain their respect. Soon they might even be looking forward to their class, begging their parents not to miss. We see it time and time again where that once scared kid becomes a monster on the mat with unmatched levels of confidence at a young age, resulting in many more opportunities than the shy quiet kid. As a coach this is deeply satisfying knowing that deep down we are all no different than the 6 year old who’s reaction is perfectly natural in a sense of survival. Physically and emotionally. We will go to extreme lengths to avoid embarrassment, oftentimes avoiding a completely healthy and sometimes necessary experience. Seeing students break through this barrier is probably one of the greatest parts of being their Sensei as it reminds me of the needless suffering we often burden ourselves with. At times that first date, appointment with a new trainer or whatever the case may be can seem like the end of the world but eventually in most cases we not only get through it but also learn and grow tremendously from the experience.

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