Daily blog #9

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

We live in a time where virtue signaling is rampant, where people are being guilt tripped into supporting causes that may not fully align with their beliefs. People are free to believe whatever they want. If you believe it’s ok to marry your sister, that’s totally weird in my opinion, but what I think shouldn’t really matter to you. It’s a free country, go for it.

We all make decisions that we feel will work best in our interest of survival, physically or socially. To call someone a racist for not supporting a movement you agree with is unfair and unjust. That person’s day to day actions could completely contradict your assumption while you label them as a racist with no evidence of such. I love the phrase “actions over words” because talk isn’t just cheap, it is worthless and can oftentimes hold a negative value. You see this when people attack other people on the internet.

There’s an endless supply of teenagers and young adults on various internet platforms who hold such high moral grounds while contributing nothing to society. Their life is spent taking from their parents and the government while they lash out against hard working citizens. I grew up in Vietnam with a Japanese mother who built an orphanage from nothing into a several story building that flourished. Yet some would you label her or I as racist for not supporting a movement or posting a black square? There will always be abuse of power, period. You see this in all nations against people of all color. Evil people abuse power, against everyone. So let’s not label others and assume to know anything about their struggles. Be kind to others, have a purpose. Work hard for that purpose so you can feel fulfilled and respected by your community. It will also keep you out of the internet cesspool of attacking and negativity.

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