Minimalism.. The answer to COVID Part 2/2

In the last post we left off in the middle of the five quintessential needs for basic human survival. Below are the following three, enjoy!

Food –  How we fuel ourselves will not only directly affect our performance but the way we feel. Sure, we all love a decadent cheat meal ever so often but the reward of a delicious treat is even better after a day of fasting or a week of exercising discipline and good choices. If your diet resembles that of a hotdog eating contestant in addition to sugary drinks, chances are you won’t feel great. Physically and pyschologically. For many of us, it comes down to discipline and cutting out the unnecessary stuff. For those who struggle or have more specialized needs, I will defer you to My sister in law Amy is a nutrition coach and has had a great deal of success with a wide variety of people including myself.

Exercise – Done correctly this will be one of the most valuable skillsets you will ever add. But you must never forget, training is a skill and skills are developed over time and if we stop using them, they will fade. When I talk about exercise I am not talking about being able to spaz your way through a set of some nonsense exercise which serves no purpose than to fatigue you. I am referring to the skills of being able to move well in a variety of ways as we were designed and move well I should say. Skills must be constantly evolving, you don’t ever “learn computers” it is a lifelong practice. If it seems daunting, I will say this “keep it simple” and start with a routine. Block out 15 minutes to move and get a light sweat daily. If you need more direction you can get started on the same Team Hargett website. If you have pain, contact them and they will get you on the right path. If you stay consistent and aim to make small improvements daily, just like a good investment, you will be amazed at what you accrue over a number of years.

Sleep –  The most powerful healing tool you are born with that can cure both physical and psychological needs. It used to be more rare to meet people who had trouble sleeping, now it seems there is an ever growing population of sleep-dysfunctional kids. The answer is simple for most. Have a schedule. Your body operates on what is called a “circadian rythym”, all that is important to know is that you have a routine that your body can become accustomed to. The military has figured this out very well. You get up when they tell you to, not when you want to. And after a hard day of work, you’ll be pooped and want to crash. I have to laugh when people tell me “I’m not a morning person” because neither was I. You are more powerful than you know, all it takes is a plan and steps towards your goal, no matter how small or how slow, as long as you are moving you are following the plan. I understand this is not the solution to everything but I think many of us can agree it’s a great place to start and can remove a lot of unnecessary stresses from our lives.

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