Arm yourself with knowledge #267

Many of you will find yourselves familiar with the adage “knowledge is power”, and while that statement may hold true for some, others find the objective of collecting information as the optimal way to traverse through this adventure we know as life. By examining the lifestyles and traits of those who carried out some of the most impactful existences in history such as Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Da Vinci, and many others, you will undoubtedly find yourself in agreement. Life is, after all, a sequence of decision making where those in possession of experience and insight will consequently find themselves to be the product of better decisions than their counterparts. Ultimately, having more intellectual resources will find you well and lead to a better trajectory through life. When we commit to the act of obtaining as much knowledge as we can gather, the result is a heightened set of skills, abilities, and/or reasoning with which we can use to our benefit. Therefore, an incentive to acquire as much knowledge as possible not only exists, but can be directly correlated to our manifestation of the many wonderful possibilities that shape our human experience. For example, by educating yourself about automobiles, you are less likely to get ripped off by a sleazy mechanic. Reading “Why We Get Fat” by Gary Taubes, will give you a better understanding of the relationship between calories and adiposity so you don’t have to endure repeated failure with each passing dietary fad. Understanding how guns work and obtaining one, can dramatically heighten the security of you and your loved ones. Take into consideration the the value of simple and powerful, yet wasted tools of reading and writing and what they could spell (no pun intended) for one’s life. Not only do these skills raise the rate at which you consume information but they also enhance your ability to communicate, an important skillset in any endeavor involving multiple humans. Strangely, many are comfortable squandering such a gift. In A World Lit Only By Fire by William Manchester, life in the Dark Ages following the fall of Rome was unimaginably void of progress and innovation. Your common peasant lacked the ability to read or write which removed many of the common skills we take for granted today such as reading a map or instructions from IKEA. In a millennia’s time, the best roads that existed were still those built by the Romans. Surnames didn’t exist for peasants which resulted in imaginable confusion and your average person had no concept of time irrespective of the change in seasons. The average lifespan was also a mere 20-30 years. In comparison with our modern world, there is a far better way to live due to the amount of education and knowledge that was amassed and applied over time.

In today’s world, the quest for knowledge remains an endless pursuit. Particularly for those looking to get ahead in life, the battle is never ending as we are but a little speck in an infinitesimal universe full of complexities far beyond our understanding. With such a vast universe where does one apply themselves? For starters, we must recognize that there are different forms of knowledge, practical forms, such as hunting, farming or cooking. Intellectual forms such as appreciation for art, mathematical skills, reading and writing. The categories are but an attempt to differentiate “types” of knowledge as we know understanding and working with horses demands a different type of intelligence than writing code, also due to the physical prerequisites needed to handle them. Regardless of how you choose to separate them, what is important is that the skills relate to your life’s overall mission. For example, I am a Jiu Jitsu academy owner which means my life involves running a brick and mortar business (versus e-commerce), working with people of all ages, and being physically fit. Therefore, the areas with which I look to obtain information are in the body, business, psychology, people, along with some other interests such as golf or guitar which contain more social applications. The main point that I believe is worth arriving at, is the primary reason for your existence is to survive, and by survive I mean make that survival badass by learning as many skills as possible in order to live life to the fullest. Your best life is waiting, but you gotta get to work and apply yourself daily! Every solution demands work, we must never forget!

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