#233 Experience

There comes a point where one realizes that life is about colorful experiences. Many of these experiences are not found in the comfort zone but rather they require sacrifice. Sometimes you have to trade sleep to find a beautiful sunrise, or get over your fear of starting up a conversation with an attractive woman, even trek for days to find a glorious view. Less dramatic examples might include deciding to spend time with family members you don’t always make the time for or going to a new place for dinner rather than the “go to”. Without seeking new adventures like this I might not have tried Jiu Jitsu or find out that I would come to love the United States of America and what it represents. So next time you’re about to go on autopilot mode and do what you always do, remind yourself that better memories are always possible.

Published by chrishargettjj

Jiu Jitsu, Health and Daily Improvement with my family!

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