#217 You’re crazy

“That’s the craziest thing I’ve heard.” Words uttered in so many ways by the masses when:

Henry Ford proposed his the Ford T model

Thomas Edison went to work on his lightbulb

The Wright brothers sought to travel the skies

Steve Jobs had a vision of computers being human

Donald Trump ran for president in 2016

Galileo preached the earth was not the center of the universe

Einstein began his workings for E=mc2 (theory of relativity)

Alexander Bell went to work on the telephone

Louis Pasteur thought the air was made up of “particles”

If you have a vision that you are so passionate about, don’t allow close minded fools to tell you otherwise. The majority of people are generally scared, they want predictability and certainty. This makes it much easier to rule out an idea that goes outside of or against general knowledge. We know that creativity and innovation knows no bounds and cannot be confined by limitations. As seen by the great accomplishments of the aforementioned.

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