#142 Pieces of the BJJ puzzle

Sometimes in Jiu Jitsu, and this may be true for most athletic endeavors, we forget about the most important aspect. Our mind.

Although there are great arguments for having a great team, a great coach and the right environment, we know that there are too many variables beyond the x’s and o’s.

There is however, little argument that the most important part of the journey as it relates to performance, is your mind.

So much goes into having a successful career and when they say it’s %90 mental, they’re right! It means you have to do more than just show up and train hard every day although obviously that is a crucial component.

This morning I was watching Victor Hugo, who was a guest on Xande’s “Xande Show” on FloGrappling, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in BJJ. Not only is victor a one thousand percent class act, but he displays so many attributes of a champion and a true martial. Also, you can learn so much from him about mindset, flow and how to develop your Jiu Jitsu.

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