The greatest currency #103

Since Covid-19 most of us have definitely had to become money conscious, even some of the big spenders I know have taken a step back and been more calculated when it comes to their money.

Many of us also don’t have money to spend.

But there is a currency that will outlast every other one, it’s value will never go down. In fact, it will only go up because it is becoming more and more rare.

Are you ready? It is an Act of Kindness… Not to get all gushy on you, but when I was a lot younger (still in my twenties lol) I used to think money was cash. Don’t get me wrong, money has it’s cachet and you should never pass up an opportunity to earn an honest dollar. But, in a world where people grow colder, less connected and more socially distant the currency of a kind deed will stand out. When you do it so frequently it becomes your nature, you will build equity with all the people around you.

Power is not money, it’s who you know and what they will do for you. So… Be kind. As hippieish as that sounds. Do things for people. Learn to appreciate hard work by going out of your way for others. You can have money and not be “rich”, I know a few people who have wealth beyond imagination, but also have bad relationships with their family, are lonely and lack a healthy body and mind. To me, that is POOR.

“Happiness is found in doing, not merely possessing.” -Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

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