Daily blog #87


Yesterday I received a notice from Word Press that I had posted my one hundredth blog post! Although I am a couple weeks worth away from 100 daily blog posts (my original goal) it brought to mind how long life can seem yet how short it can be at the same time. It feels like only a second ago I started my blog, in the same way it feels like I JUST STARTED Jiu Jitsu. While one thousand blog posts seems far away I’m sure it will arrive in a moments notice and with the current rate of technological development they may have a whole new form. Scrolling through my Instagram story yesterday I came across an awesome post from a dear friend of mine yesterday. It was a simple infomercial titled “Lessons People Learn Too Late In Life”.

1. Everything is temporary

2. Life isn’t fair

3. Family matters more than friends

4. Others treat you the way you treat yourself

5. Happiness is a choice and requires hard work

6. Beneath anger is always fear

7. Things don’t matter that much

8. A lifetime isn’t very long

9. You played it too safe

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