Daily blog #86

Black Belt Doubt for the White Belt –

Many of us have someone we look to for advice or strength, it could be a family member, a teacher or a mentor. What’s important to know is that they often wrestle with the same struggles we do. For example, it may appear to my students that I don’t experience doubt or have nerves leading up to a fight, but really it couldn’t be farther from the truth! On top of that, most of us felt that way going to our first class, or the first time we were asked to spar. In actuality we all experience the same doubts and fears whether it’s attending your first Jiu Jitsu lesson or being on the big stage. The elite competitor you’re watching has simply learned how to channel it through practice which means you can too! For me I focus on saving every ounce of energy for the fight, this reminds me not to fidget, pace or waste energy and prevents me from conveying anxiousness to my opponent.

Here you can see both my brother Steve (left) and I (right) just as the match begins. While we are both experiencing the same “butterflies” (I get this moments after I sign the agreement to fight) leading up to the start of the match we express that fear differently while we both have had to learn to overcome it. For those are looking for ways to overcome the doubts that accompany one in ANY undertaking (I was afraid of what people would think when I started this blog) click here for “8 ways successful people deal with doubt”. I found it on American Express, don’t ask me why LOL but I hope you enjoy and benefit from it. Cheers!

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