Daily blog #79

Time to go back in time

Besides being our most precious resource, what is time? One definition is a way to differentiate between past, present and future; a measurement tool for our memories and experiences if you will. Imagine trying to schedule a meeting in today’s world without using the concept of time, it would be difficult to say the least! But when it comes to our daily lives, can our perception of time work against us? Some examples that come to mind are the days of the week and our standard meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Though days of the week are useful, it’s worth considering how we viewed them prior to time. Certainly cooking and cleaning up three times a day might not be in our best interest. It’s also worth noting that we have survived for ages before breakfast or lunch. Did you know that Breakfast actually came from Britain’s high class or elite society in the 1700s? It also bears religious origins having to do with the use of meat and eggs before Lent.

Now we have studies which show positive corroborations between fasting and brain cognition and function, not to mention effects on weight and health. Part of this reason is that our ancestors did not eat prior to starting their day. Food was scarce and eating was done usually following a hunt or some other procurement of food. The Romans were known to eat one meal per day after noon, this was usually their dinner, any more was considered gluttony. Besides the health benefits, the three or more hours a day saved are huge for a busy person! Wash dishes less? Count me in!

The same logic applies to days of the week, particularly weekends. A day to recover is important, especially for the working class. When you start to view your days as time in between completion of tasks you will suddenly have more flexibility to do what you want. My intention is not to completely abandon these norms that many of our lives are guided by but to provide a sense of freedom that can come from the way you view your food and typical week. Although modern life provides many comforts and advantages, we mustn’t forget that we are still humans trying to survive in this concrete jungle and at the root of survival are missions and objectives. So while it’s nice to have brunch with mom for Mother’s Day or celebrate a birthday with family, designing our schedule to be most effective and efficient in achieving our goals can have a profoundly satisfying effect in the short and long term.

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