Daily blog #19

The body follows the mind

When quarantine many of you likely felt one of these two ways. Glad you used the time to take care of your health and get in great shape or guilty for becoming unhealthier. If you did let your health suffer, don’t feel bad. Our brain makes decisions to help us survive and not just in a physical way, if your health suffered it’s because you didn’t put your energy towards shaping your lifestyle in a healthy way. We all know smart, disciplined people who abuse their bodies and are neither dumb or lazy. Oftentimes they don’t recognize the importance of being robust and energetic especially as you age. Or they don’t know where to start and if there’s one thing the quarantine has taught us is that your health matters, so what are you waiting for?

If your goal is to be healthy it can only be done by having a healthy lifestyle. know that it’s not going to be an overnight change, we’re talking about changing most of your life’s habits. The good news is, you can do it by committing to creating sustainable changes over time. It’s also very simple. Most of us already know how to live a healthy lifestyle but we are confused by all the misinformation out there. For those of you seeking guidance, there’s a way for you to start eating better without starving yourself or any of those short term weight loss plans. Go over to www.teamhargett.com/nutrition to start making lasting changes today.

The next milestone will be to commit to 15-20 mins of exercise every day, not just for the sole purpose of exercise but most importantly the habit of daily activity. By committing to daily activity, even if you just show up and walk around the gym for the first month, you will experience a massive change within a year all from the habit of daily exercise coupled with mostly good food choices. Once you have the habit and are ready for workout ideas, download the Hargett app from “The App Store” to start using a variety of bodyweight workouts from strength to cardio or pilates. You won’t find HIIT or workouts from hell designed to beat you up there because the goal is health and shaping yourself over time. There are no tricks, your body is not going to get up and do this stuff for you. If you commit and stay consistent, you will see why so many healthy people have become addicted to the way they feel, it gets them up in the morning excited to conquer their health and even teach others how to.

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